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1967 Game 3

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Having lost a settlement to Eygptians, the Isrealis launch a counter attack to reclaim it. 2000pts vs. 1000pts.


Photobucket Photobucket


Turn 1:


The Isrealis advance in fine style making a three pronged advance, they take out T-34 with some extreme long range shooting. The Egptians reply by mortaring the right flank killing a 4x4 carrying a recoilless rifle and suppressing an infantry unit. BUt maybe they have something else up there sleeve...




Turn 2:


More long range shooting, this time an IS-10 ATGW manages to damage a dug in T-10, however the Egyptians unleash an ambush in the centre! 3 units of infantry storm out of the farm house, knocking out on infantry unit and landing hits around the place!




Turn 3:


The ambushers are wiped out by mass fire power, on the Isrealis left flank, 3 M48s and the IS-10 combine to (over)kill a T-10!


Photobucket Photobucket


Turn 4:


The Isreali right flank is getting very close to the mortars, who in response increase their rate of fire, thanks to a command bonus they get off a total of 6 shots KOing another 4x4 RR and an infantry unit. They then blunder, luckly as they are in cover they do not have to withdraw. The Isrealis also lose an M48 to some good op. fire from hidden T-10s and T-34s. The arabs lose a T-34. The left flank force of 3 M48s and the IS-10 all miss!


Photobucket Photobucket


Turn 5:


The Isreali right flank blunders and withdraws! The arab mortars kill one unit of infantry before blundering, once again they are able to stay in position. 2 thirds of the Isreali army including a concentrated air strike shoot at the dug in Egptian mortars and managed to do 4 wounds to one, suppressing it! One M48 and one T-34 buy it, both sides reach their minor objective of 25% casualties, the Edyptians got their first! :-)




Turn 6:


The Egptian mortars blunder but once again stay in place! The CO takes over and in an impressive turn of fire they manage to KO an M3, an M48 and an Infantry unit, as well as supressing 4 other units. The Isreali left blunders and withdraws! (Its no Deja Vue, this did actually happen 5 time!) They manage to kill on T-34 pushing the Egyptians to a break test...


Photobucket Photobucket


Which they fail. :-(

The Isrealis win!


Arab survivours hide in a building:






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