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1967 Game 6

Page history last edited by Dave Roper 14 years, 9 months ago


An Israeli battle-group tries to encircle an Egyptian battle-group.


1 CO (CV10)
3 HQ (CV9)
1 FAO (CV7)
1 Recce Unit (Scouts)
9 Infantry Unit (Regulars)
3 Infantry Upgrade (M20 Bazooka)
1 Support Unit (RR, 105mm, 4x4s)
2 Support Unit (Mortar, 81mm)
3 Tank Unit (Isherman)
3 Tank Unit (M48 Magach, 90mm)
1 ATGW Unit (SS11, M3 ½-Track)
1 Artillery Unit (105mm, Priest)
2 Artillery Unit (122mm)
1 Aircraft Unit (Mystère IV)
5 Transport Unit (M3 ½-Track)







CO (CV9)
2 HQ (CV8)
1 FAC (CV6)
2 Recce Unit (4x4s)
6 Infantry Unit (Conscripts)
6 Infantry Upgrade (M20 Bazooka)
4 Tank Unit (T-54/55)
6 Tank Unit (T-10)
3 ATGW Unit (AT-1 Snapper, 4x4s)
1 Aircraft Unit (Su-7 Fitter)
3 Transport Unit (Truck)
3 Transport Unit (BTR-152)



Turn 1:


The Egyptian forces split in two and head down the two roads as the Israeli force arrives to the East, two troops of T-10s escorting half tracks loaded with infantry, head down the centre but as they start to cross the steel girder bridge they are court by Israeli opportunity fire which KOs to half-tracks and a section of infantry. Not really a good start. The Egyptian HQ sends two T-10s back to deal with the Ishermans.




The other Egyptian group stubbornly refuses to move but the CO intervenes and gets them onto the road.





Turn 2:


The two T-10s sent back to deal with the Ishermans spy an excellent chance to cause mayhem and using initiative fire destroy two Israeli half-tracks each loaded with two stands of infantry!!! The Ishermans however manage the notable achievement of being the first Israeli unit to destroy a T-10!




The right hand Arab battle-group perform a feat of movement to rival Hannibal and his elephants, carrying out five movement orders in row! The 4th is double one so the snappers take the chance to do a little long range shooting, the 5th command is at -8, the Israeli commander points out that it could still be made on double one which is then promptly rolled!! The units in this group moved roughly 125cm’s and did some shooting! Five units of the group head off the table to safety, 2 trucks loaded with infantry and two snappers are within site of escape, the Israelis seem keen to stop this…




Their first response is to send in air support to bomb the crap out of them, however a double 6 sees Egyptian fighters try and shoot it down! The Israelis look a little annoyed with the dice. The mortars nail a snapper!





A group of Patton’s hit a T-10 7 times however the Israeli tank saves all 7! I think Allah is watching over the dice!


Turn 3:


The Patton’s begin to advance to stop the escape of the Egyptians but are stopped in their tracks by massed opportunity fire from the T-10s and a Snapper. The Israeli plane arrives and manages to destroy one of the snappers. The mortars open up and destroy two trucks and a stand of infantry. A priest and a recoilless rifle unit take out both Egyptian reece jeeps. Then the Patton’s KO two T-10s, the Arabs wonder where all their luck has gone?!?



Photobucket Photobucket 

Turn 4:


Two more Arab units escape while Israeli arty destroys a half-track. The Patton’s KO another T-10


Turn 5:


The Egyptians don’t have many units left so just keeping heading towards the escape route, the Mortars KO one stand of infantry while another unit escapes. The two T-10s continue their dual with the Ishermans, this has been going on since Turn 1.




Turn 6:


The Egyptians now only having 3 units on board (rest KO’d or escaped) pass their break test.




The Israeli player announces that since there are so few units left on the board, the Arabs can just take their other 5 break tests instead of playing out the turns, this seems ok to the Arabs, who then promptly pass all 5!


The Egyptians have achieved a major victory with 25% of their units escaping, the Israelis did however achieve a minor victory by KO’ing 25% of the Egyptians, but its still a hard fought victory for the Arabs, down to nothing but tactical skill, well good dice. J


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