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A Day on The RIver

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A Day On The River,



The Royal Navy deserters have commandeered a barge and headed to York to receive some much needed arms. They are now on the final stretch of the journey home, all they have to do is get the crates onto Burt’s van which is waiting at the factory jetty. Then Burt will take the weapons to the militia supply dump. Simple…


The dastardly forces of the far right have however got wind of this and intend to stop the boat and seize the supplies, this would make live very difficult for the left as ammo is starting to run low. The right have also received a mysterious batch of reinforcements from their Southern stronghold.




The Right:


Captain Blauchau – BUF Level 1 Big Man


10 Man section of the BUF – small arms



10 Man section of The Sons of Crowley – flamethrower and small arms



Lt. Von Gonad Level 3 Big Man – German Advisor



BUF Vickers team



The Left:


Captain Richard North Royal Navy – Level 3 Big Man


10 Royal Navy Ratings - small arms



Burt Brown Socialist Militia Level 1 Big Man


10 Men section of the Hull Dockside militia – small arms



Militia Maxim team


Commissar Frank “Boris” Green



The left have also secured the services of a captured RAF Gloster Gladiator flying from a disused track on Farmer Giles land, it is being flown by a Dutch socialist volunteer pilot – Horst Van Crimson! Once attacked the RN can for one action launch a flare, D3 turns after this the plane will be added to the deck!



The barge moves the average of 2d6 per turn.



Unloading the crates takes 2 men, 2 actions. Then 1 action to load the van.




The Sons of Crowley are occultist who follow the teachings of Alistair Crowley, who is pro-Mosley, Mosley himself is well known to be interested in the occult.





Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


The Maid of the River begins its slow advance along the York to Beverly canal, the weather is fine and all is peaceful, on board the boat are the RN section and the maxim team.




The BUF forces head towards the bridge in the centre of the river, clearly they intend to ambush the boat as it gets level with them.




Meanwhile at the jetty Burt Brown and his militia boys wait for the boat along with Commissar Green.




The BUF section take up a position behind a stone wall in a corn field, the Sons of Crowley dig in along side the factory but just out of sight of the militia and the Vickers team sets up just out side the barn.




Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


As the boat heads along the canal, the BUF infantry decide that nows the time to act! They poor fire into the boat and immediately kill one of the RN ratings! The maxim team responds immediately killing three BUF infantry! The RN spot the Vickers team and nail one of the crew while they launch the flare to send for the air support!




The Sons of Crowley take cover in their current position by the factory, they can’t see anyone to attack but are also fairly safe from being attacked.



Meanwhile back on the river and the lead is flying the BUF, nail two more RN boys who are also hit by the Vickers team who manage to score their first kill of the day! However the return fire cause panic among the BUF Vickers team who start to withdraw heading towards the safety of the barn.



Burt Brown and his boys at the jetty suddenly realise they can see the BUF that are in the cornfield and immediately poor fire into their backs killing four of the them!





Horst Van Crimson grabs his flying helmet and runs towards his kite.



The BUF Vickers team get into the barn and manage to pull themselves together, however they are then wiped out by the militia maxim team!



The Sons of Crowley clamber into the factory from the side and entrance and poor fire onto Burt’s boys – its close range and in the open, but some how they manage to only kill one militia man, the flamethrower is sadly out of range.



Chocks away! Horst Von Crimson takes to the air!



The Sons of Crowley are feeling pretty secure in the brick factory but Burt’s boys are undeterred they nail a cultist, but the return fire is takes one of them out! Burt’s boys are suffering a fair mountain of shock, time for some inspiring words from Commissar Green!



As the Sons of Crowley shoot out of the window they hear a loud whistling noise, what is it? Its getting louder… Horst’s bombs hit the building, shaking everyone and killing a cultist, he circles round!






Things go from bad to worse for the Sons of Crowley, the militia manage to kill another two of their number without losing any of their own! However they are looking a bit a bit shaky. Some more fire from the Son’s of Crowley and they’ve had enough! Burt looks on in horror as his boys start to run…



Commissar Green looks shouts at them to come back, but they ignore him, Green pulls out his revolver and shoots Burt Brown, this has the desired effect and the militia stop running.



This situation does not last long, the Sons of Crowley snipe another member of the militia and they’ve had enough, they flee back to the safety of Hull.






The RN and Maxim teams combine to inflict another casualty on the BUF, the last man, bottles its and flees into the country side!






Horst Von Crimson makes another pass and strafes the building, killing 2 Sons of Crowley, including the flamethrower crew! Their weapons explodes but even in the confined space of the factory, it manages to kill know but does rack up some shock, however their faith is strong!



As the boat gets closer to the Jetty Captain North decides that a pincer movement is needed to deal with the forces in the factory, he jumps overboard with his remaining men leaving the Maxim team to guard the supplies, and they head through a corn field that is littered with BUF corpses!




Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


The Sons of Crowley spot Commissar Green heading to behind the factory and charge out to attack him, in the ensuing close combat Green manages to kill a cultist and drive the rest off! They slink back into the factory!




Just in time for the return of Horst “dead eye” Van Crimson who machine guns another cultist!



As the RN head through the fields Captain North spots Captain Blauchau hanging around and a fight ensues after 3 brutal rounds of fighting Captain Blauchau runs off and deciding that caution is the better part of valour heads home!





Commissar Green emboldened by his fight with the Sons of Crowley decides he’s going after Lt. Gonad, however Green is a dock worker turned Commissar and Gonad is a German paratrooper, Green is overpowered and captured!




The RN ratings spot Lt. Gonad hanging around and chase after him, he mounts a stiff resistance and manages to safely withdraw with his prisoner!






Back on the river, the boat draws level with the factory, the maxim teams fires into the building, missing the Sons of Crowley, who in return kill one of the militia gun crew.






However the returning fire wipes out the valiant Son’s of Crowley.






The guns reach their destination but a heavy price has been paid…







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