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The Rescue of Commissar Green

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The Rescue of Commissar Green.

The Socialist high command has declared that the recently captured Commissar Green must be rescued from the BUF’s rural command centre at Jenkins Farm. Despite a high level of misgiving from local troops after his apparent execution of local hero Bob Brown, forces have been assembled.

Socialist Forces:

Big Man Level 3 – Captain Richard North, Royal Navy

            One section of Royal Navy

            Two sections of Dockside Militia

            One attached motorcycle courier


1 QRF section of 8 Royal Navy in Burt’s van led by Big Man Level 1 – Frankie “The Sweater” McCruann

T-26 Light Tank

BUF Forces

Big Man Level 1 – Captain Blauchau  

            One section of BUF infantry


            Big Man Level 3 Lt. Gonad

            One section of BUF militia

BUF Vickers Team

            One section Volunteer International Parachute Brigade (VIPB)

            One section of The Son’s of Crowley


Commissar Green is being held in an undisclosed location on the farm, the BUF have two sentries roaming the outskirts. The Socialist forces are on foot and start as un-spotted. Once the alarm is raised the BUF can send a man to the nearby phone box to call for re0inforcements and the Dockside forces can send their motorcycle courier to collect theirs. The winner is the side that is in possession of Commissar Green at the end of the game.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 


The Dockside forces start their advance down the road, as the BUF sentries patrol the east and west side of the Jenkins Farm. It is only a matter of time before the Eastern sentry notices the 30 men heading towards him!



Disaster, just at the edge of the first field the Dockside forces are spotted! The sentry raises the alarm with a rifle shot.




The Socialists react immediately, one section of militia charges straight at the poor sentry, sending him fleeing into the countryside never to be seen again!




The Royal Navy boys head to a near by barn to provide covering fire for the assault on the farm, the other section of militia heads  into the corn field trying to flank around to the eastern side of the Farm. The Western sentry heads to the phone box, he does not seem to be in a hurry.



Meanwhile the BUF come out of the farm house, spotting the Dockside militia in the open, they give them a volley killing two of them, they withdraw behind the barn.


Photobucket Photobucket

As the BUF advance towards the perimeter wall of the farm they are hit by a volley of fire from the Royal Navy boys hidden in the barn, losing one of their number.

The western sentry continues to enjoy his stroll down the country lane.




The second section of the Dockside boys appears to have become stuck at the edge of a cornfield with no intention of moving. Their motorcycle courier is not doing much better!

Seeing that they have the advantage of numbers the Royal Navy fix bayonets and charge the BUF, in the ensuing close combat they kill six BUF!! (yes that’s right I really did roll six sixes!!) The remaining BUF men bottle and leg it!

The western sentry reaches the phone box and makes the call!



The Socialist biker reaches the bridge.



Instead of searching the farm the Socialist boys seem content to mill about catching their breath. This is not a good time for a break!

The BUF reinforcements arrive, and their Vickers team is quickly in action, targeting the second section of Dockside militia they open up, cutting down one of the boys, the rest of the BUF forces advance towards the farm.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The Royal Navy finally gets moving towards the barn, as they are moving across the farm, the BUF Vickers team opens up killing another militia man, they are starring to look shaky!



The Navy reaches the barn, but before they can enter they are spotted by BUF militia in some woods and lose 2 men to their fire. They return fire killing one militia man but as they try to withdraw to better cover they are caught by a charging group of VIPB who engage them in a brutal close combat, among the bodies of the last fight in the farm! Two sailors are killed for one para, the sailors withdraw to the edge of the farm.

Meanwhile am especially deadly burst of Vickers fire kills two more Dockside militia, they have had enough and the remaining men head for the hills!




The first Dockside militia section suddenly remember to get involved and pop out from behind the barn, their fire kills one Para.



At the river in the eastern sector, the first Socialist reinforcements arrive, it’s the T-26, it first shell kills a BUF militia man! But not in time to stop their volley killing another sailor!



The farm yard is becoming hotly contested ground, the Para’s and the Royal Navy rack up one more kill each, however the Dockside militia manages to kill two Para’s, this is enough for both the Para’s and the Navy and they begin to withdraw from the farm! The Vickers team switch to armour piercing rounds and manage to kill the T-26’s driver, leaving it blocking the road and unable to get to the farm, as the rest of the dockside boys arrive in their van they are forced to go cross country!



The dual between the Vickers and the T-26 goes on for some time, however the T-26’s armour manages to keep further damage down to just a damaged machine gun, the tank however ignores the distant Vickers team and concentrates on the nearer BUF militia section killing two of them as they try to get from the wood to the farm!



The Royal Navy have steadied themselves behind a wall and continue to exchange fire with the BUF militia, one more casualty proves to much for them and they flee!


Photobucket Photobucket

The Sons of Crowley head towards the farm, as Burt’s truck does the same, the remaining Dockside militia try to flank the farm, but are spotted by the Vickers team, who manage to kill three of them, they bravely keep going but lose another man as they almost reach their destination, they are however so riddled with shock that they can not move! Their fire does kill two Vickers gunners, who in turn kill another of their number, this is all to much for the Dockside boys and they flee!

The T-26 finish’s off the Vickers team with a well placed shot and the crew realising their stricken tank has no targets, dismount and head towards the farm!



The Sons of Crowley grab Commissar Green from the barn and start to withdraw along with the remaining VIPB boys, not for the first time it appears the Hull boys only hope is Burt’s truck, what bitter irony!!


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

“The Sweater” orders the truck to full speed and it crash’s through the farm yard and ploughs into the VIPB, killing two of them instantly, they try to stop it with rifle fire and suicidal grenade attacks, but neither work!




With little other option the truck ploughs into the four Son’s of Crowley carrying Commissar Green! However through sheer luck all five of the survive and flee,




massed fire power finally stops the truck and Navy odd squad leaps out, but its to late, they have escaped!




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