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The War for Peroni Sector XV-4

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Peroni Corp. staked a claim to sector XV-4 shortly bwfore the start of the third solar war. Hoping to find valuable mining resources they moved a vast amount of equipment and personel into the sector. When the war broke out the corpartion withdrew its security forces from the area, leaving its people undefended,,,,




Two Governments took an interest and dispatched fleets to the area, the NAC and the NSL.


Photobucket Photobucket


7th December...


://[NAC Secure Comm]//INCOMING MESSAGEĀ¬//


NSL Fleet engaged in sector XV-4, a small fleet of heavy NSL vessals including a Von Tegetthoff class Superdreadnought and a fleet carrier. The enemy was destroyed by our valiant forces however I must report the loss of eight ships from our fleet, inclduing the Hull, Manchester, Hood, Leeds, York, Qubec and sadly the Elizabeth II. The Normandy was last seen drifting into deep space, rescue operations have commenced.


://Fleet out.//


14th December


://'NAC Secure Comm]//INCOMING MESSAGEĀ¬//


[NAC Arkroyal], as ordered the fleet advanced to the Merril system in sector XV-4. The civilain vessals our long range probes had identified had taken up orbit around a small moon protected by a defensive mine field. The fleet moved into a battle line as tis happened the NSL fleet arrived and began to advance towards the target vessels. The Monty opened fire at extreme range and the as the two fleets met heavy fire was given by both forces. Thee Normandy was the first vessel  to pentrate the minefield despite suffering heavy damage the Normandy closed in on a tanker but as it prepared to board the tankers bateries managed to destroy the Normandy. Fighter groups were launched to assist in combating the NSL vesals however their armour proved to be to much and they began to overwhelm our forces, Marines launched from the Arkroyal were able to seize control of a prize however shortly after the prize ship was destoryed. The flleet then opted to change its mission to a mission of denial, all civilain vessals were destroyed and as many NSL vessals destoryed, however by this point only the arkroyal remained, all fighter were recalled and we activated the FTL drive, our loses were high but the enemey was denied victory!


://[NAC Arkroyal/out]


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


21th December


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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